Being efficient EVERYONE WINS

    We can now say that energy efficiency is the goal of both governments andbusinesses to be efficient not only pollute less, is to save on our bills.

How can we be efficient?

    To be effective we have to consume less energy without eliminating amenities, thisgot through the combination of Engineering and Technology.
In our projects we help renewable energy (solar, wind ...), studying optimal designsof the activity times of lights and various equipment, installing occupancy sensors,lighting equipment and replace by the latest technology and the end result after a great engineering work is to reduce consumption to a minimum.

Why be energy efficient a company?

    This is the most important issue for an employer to today, but even with the crisisthere.

    First our government (IDAE) is helping with grants to help greatly reduce the price of the various facilities, whether lights, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, etc ...., In addition to these grants provide us to amortize the costs over this energy efficiencyis always paid less.

    Secondly we must not forget that our company invoice will be reduced by a percentage higher and save every month and even more when the installation is amortized. These we can see through the project we study and free. Please contact us only await benefits.

    Consider a fictitious example of a company, community or town hall to pay 1000euros a month for electricity, if you reduce your bill by 50% to pay 500 euros, if left topay for the installation 300. Save 200 euros a month and when redemption of 500euros, 2400 euros per year and once per year amortized 6000.