B&BTecnoGroup is a company dedicated to designing custom solutions to companies in various technological fields.

                                  What companies need a project?

Our projects include installations TDT, Satellite, ICT, professional sound systems, solar energy and energy efficiency studies. 
So Therefore companies, communities, municipalities or individuals that require a new installation or improvement of existing are demanding our services.

What are the advantages?

The most important thing is to show that we value your facility and generate the project for FREE with no obligation.
The advantages of our group of engineers analyze a project to install a quality service is the same as the exact needs of that enterprise and community, this benefitreversed in lower costs because we have the best prices, less expenditures for maintenance of the facility and that if well designed will get fewer problems andintegrated solutions between different systems of the facility.
We provide our customers with the payment and subsidies that currently exist so that most possible value for money from the facility.

Currently, the most marked ADVANTAGE we offer our customers is the energy efficiency, improve the installation and get with the latest technologies (LED, photovoltaic systems, relays and timers activity and voltage regulators) reduce the bill in a few percentages. These facilities are 100% depreciation already veryprofitable and we pay and we are saving government grants for various technologies.